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Breeza Air Go
Breeza Air Go
Breeza Air Go
Breeza Air Go
Breeza Air Go
Breeza Air Go
Breeza Air Go
Breeza Air Go
Breeza Air Go
Breeza Air Go
Breeza Air Go
Breeza Air Go

    Breeza Air Go

    69.90 SGD

      Breeza Air GO, your Smart Air Purifier To-Go, a portable air purifier with Electro-Plasmanano Technology, 

      • Made up of UVC-Pro Ray, the LED lamp beads with full UV purification technology.
      • UVC-Pro has high efficiency in the removal rate of bacteria and viruses.

      • The 260-280nm UV Wavelength is effective to kill bacteria and viruses by weakening the DNA and RNA of the microbes, up to a 99.99% sterilization rate.

      Breeza Air GO with powerful turbine but has a min noise (30 dB), which reduces sound pollution. 

      Tri-Purification inside Breeza Air Go has 3-ply high efficient filtration, to trap air-borne threats such as PM2.5, formaldehyde, pollen, dust, smoke smell, and other harmful substances. Removable individual filter designed for convenience in cleaning and replacing. Its lifespan can last up to 500-hour

      4-Hue Light Beam Signal sends an exact hue signal to indicate the current air quality level after detecting the atmosphere of the surrounding.

      Surpassed laboratory test standards with the max efficient physical purification filter. The 0.3UM diameter aerosol and other fine particles can be removed up to 99.99%.

      H13 level of filtration is higher than 99.99% <Dust Removal: 99.99%>

      Quantity 2 pcs
      1pc Size 25 (w) X 40 (h) cm
      Color: White
      Recommended to change every 30 DAYS for best result

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      Eliminates 95% Microparticles In 1 Hour




      Harmful chemicals

      Dust mites

      Textile fiber

      Cat fur

      Other pet dander



      Pollen & spores



      Skin flakes

      Dog fur

      Volatile organic compound

      Breeza Air Filter

      Inspired by the protective layers of the atmosphere, we infused advanced technology in making the Electro-Triostatic Filter

      Premium Electro-Triostatic Filter

      Three Unique Layers; Three Major Functions

      "Strat" is inspired by the Stratosphere of Ozone layer, which means layer. StratoBezza is the first layer where the air goes through high filtration captures 95% of 2.5pm particles from your indoor air.


      "Meso" means middle; the MesoBezza lies between the StratoBezza and the TropoBezza. It has an enhanced antibacterial filter that eliminates 99.5% of bacteria in the air to keep your family safe.


      "Tropos" means change. In the front layer, we named it TropoBezza, and the filtered clean air flows out smoothly as the TropoBezza layer has the most refined fiber mesh, which is built for quality airflow with <3pa airflow blockage.

      Saves Electricity Up To 10%

      Breeza Air Filter helps to ease the duty of air conditioner by traping more microparticles flowing through the aircon, therefore it is much energy saving. Furthermore, when aircon with Breeza Air Filter is on, others air cleaning devices can be off, and less electricity to be used.

      Loved By 10,000+ Singaporeans

      And Still Counting

      We Care What You Care
      6 promises from us to you
      We Care What You Care
      6 promises from us to you

      Improves health

      Proven effectiveness in relieving indoor allergies and asthma after use

      Compatible to most ac

      Compatible with most wall mounted AC models

      Energy saving

      Reduces the power consumption of the air conditioner by 5-15%

      Tech concern

      Surpasses current market AC filter quality in making

      Economy price

      Smart saving in 1 package for 30-60 days usage

      Passed test

      Strictly tested by government approved labs

      Where Trust Is Shown

      What To Expect After Use

      Satisfaction Guaranteed

      Before and After 30-Day

      A New Life Basis

      You will not regret it

      Enjoy home activities at ease

      Cook without worrying about the excessive smoke particles lingering in the air with the potential of bringing harm to your health.

      We take care of the pollen

      Bring flowers home without the concern of bringing extra unwanted pollens into the home air and causing breathing discomfort.

      Pet friendly home

      Sheer joy; not shed, which is impossible, but now you can embrace your pet knowing a good amount of pet hair be filtered away with Breeza Air Filter.

      Beneficial to all

      Especially To

      • • Senior Citizens
      • • Pregnant Women
      • • Allergy Sufferers
      • • Babies

      Certified By

      Easy Peasy

      Installation Within 2 Mins

      Open AC front and slide out the screen


      Place filter on the center of the screen's front side


      Tape filter to the backside of the mesh screen


      Reinstall by sliding it back into the AC Unit